ESL Inspiration
Dedicated loudspeaker support for the Quad Electrostatic loudspeaker
The Quad Electrostatic loudspeaker, designed by the late Peter Walker, founder of the Acoustical Manufacturing Company Ltd.,
is a product of which a great deal has been written about and discussed over the years in technical journals. A loudspeaker of choice
for music lovers and musicians alike; the reproduction of recorded sound achieving a level of detail and purity that many hi-fi critics
believe to be unobtainable from conventional loudspeaker systems. Speed, timing, balance and an absence of colouration have been
the hallmark qualities of the Quad ESL. However, the system has had the undeserved reputation for perceived limitations in
performance where volume, dynamic range and low frequency abilities are concerned. In reality though, the Quad ESL does perform
in these areas, but energy is lost through a lack of much needed structural support with mass loading. The ESL Inspiration loudspeaker
support addresses these requirements, head-on. It is also a design which gives the loudspeaker a totally new look whilst still embracing
the classic lines of the original central architecture of this much revered product.

Hand crafted from quartz composite man-made stone, the ESL - Inspiration support has been designed to embrace the Quad ESL
where it matters most, allowing no loss of energy generated by the very precise modulations of the Quad loudspeaker system.
The support weighing in at approximately 57kg combined with the loudspeaker at 18kg giving the required mass and weight
to prevent any movement that would otherwise undo the characteristics that have until now proved wanting in the performance of
the Quad ESL when used on the original short legs. The fitting of the speaker into the support requires no alterations. Simply
the removal of the side wood strips and the three wood legs - all wood-screws. The ESL - Inspiration support stands each come
packed in sturdy wooden crates and are supplied with polish and cloth, an instruction guide on how to obtain the best results
from the loudspeakers and the support stands and a set of screws with screwdriver for assembling the system together.

Available in two finishes to compliment the bronze grilled Quad Electrostatic model and the black grilled model as illustrated above.
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> Improved dynamic range
> Better bass extension
> Tighter performance
> Soundstaging increased
> HF detail better defined
> Stronger projection
> Timeless design
> Black or bronze finish
> Ultimate performance and
   aesthetic statement for
   the Quad Electrostatic